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Prophet Rupert Murdoch?

rupert-murdochPonder this:

We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.
Murdoch Memo to News Corp Staff, February 23, 2009

A few days ago we posted about a commercial introducing Maitreya, the so-called One World Teacher. While rumblings of Maitreya in the blogesphere have been around for years, this is giant step into the main stream.

For many who watch the Discovery Channel, History Channel, CNN, MSNBC where the commercial aired it probably didn’t even register on viewers’ radar.

This is big folks! Read our post here and view the commercial.

Let’s review the Murdoch family tree . . .

History Channel is operated by Sky Broadcasting whose,

sister station is Fox News, because

their parent company is News Corp., which

is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Other ‘branches’ of the Murdoch conglomerate tree include:

The ‘Christian’ publisher, Zondervan (who publishes Rick Warren material). Murdoch also owns Fox Family Entertainment, the producer of those nice family-friendly movies we all enjoy.

The websites:  Beliefnet (reportedly owned on the Fox side) and

Complete listing News Corporation Profile.

Oh, forgot to mention that Rupert Murdoch according to his pastor, Rick Warren, is a born-again Christian. AND Warren’s little lamb reportedly owns a few pornographic stations in Europe that the good shepherd is overlooking.

Now is the time to discern information and not just be consumers of information. Everyone will have to draw their own ‘lines in the sand’. Still wondering where mine will be . . .

P.S If you are interested in more information on Maitreya and it’s ‘earthly’ herald, Benjamin Creme of Share International; Slice of Laodicea called their office in London, this is what the woman on the line said to Ingrid Schlueter,

The woman on the line in London this morning told me that this will be the most exciting thing ever to happen in the history of the world. She told me she, like everyone else there in the office in London, is a volunteer. They are that committed to this anti-Christ figure’s coming.

Crosstalk has the interview archived, listen here. There is real evil in the world and it is getting closer to our doorsteps.



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