Posted by: Yvonne | August 30, 2012

The Epidemic of False Worship

In our day, the Evangelical church is doing exactly what men attempted to do in Colosse, and exactly what men have succeeded in doing over the long and tragic history of the Roman Catholic church. Today, men and women are bringing the thinking and the practices and the trappings of the unbelieving world into the church. They are putting a so-called Christian label on them, and they think that this makes such things acceptable.

Dear friends, it may make such things acceptable to some people in the unbelieving world. It may ake such things acceptable to those who are not born from above. But it does not make such things acceptable to God. It does not make such things acceptable for Christ’s true Church. God has not changed. His standards have not changed. His Word has not changed. The nature of true worship, as we find it in Scripture alone, has not changed.

~ Dr. Paul Elliott, speaking on Colossians 2.  Listen here.


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