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floweronbibleJesus’ brother, Jude, in his epistle “to those who are called, beloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ,”  charged us to ‘contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.’  (v. 1,3)   He warned believers that “certain persons have crept in unnoticed.’“(v.4) 

Today, we find these, ‘certain persons,’  to be everywhere.  Their books are in Christian book stores; their Bible studies in our churches; they are speaking at conferences; leading church ministries and writing in Christian magazines. 

Jesus warned us, however, that we are to ‘”beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruits.”  (Matthew 7:15-16)

This blog is to help expose the “unfruitful deeds of darkness.”  (Ephesians 5:11); to aid you in picking from ‘every good tree [which] bears good fruit.’   (Matthew 7:17)   It is our prayer that we will be a resource to those who are “seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”  (Colossians 3:1)

In addition, please see this concise devotion on 1John 4:5 -6 at Fragrance of Truth.

In His service…
Judy & Yvonne



  1. Great to see another discernment ministry, especially one for women because those are sorely lacking.

    • Glenn, speaking for both Yvonne and myself — this will be a treasured compliment. Sadly CSAHM removed all the comments that did not align with their post. Yvonne was able to capture them and will be posting so those discerning thoughts will not be lost. Blessings,

  2. Wow, you ladies are amazing! I truly am excited to see what the Lord will do through your ministry! Thanks for stepping out in faith and shining the light in the darkness.


  3. Thank you! May He use you mightily!

  4. Hi. Found your blog through another blog linked to Pastor Ken’s blog. Thanks for joining the battle for truth! God bless you.

  5. How can we be sure that what you are not one of the “false prophets” you claim to be able to expose?

    I ask again out of sincerity. I’ve seen to many people burned by “False prophets” who propose to expose the falseness of others.

    • I can tell you how to recognize false prophets and a false message.
      The prophet is one who shares what he says is God’s message.
      How do we know that message is true and he is from God?
      Jesus said “My word is truth”, so we can be sure that a false message will conflict with the Word of God, the Bible and a true message will not.
      The bible says that all (pasa=greek- all- or every single part of the whole) of scripture is (theopneustos)- translated God breathed. You can trust it- you just need to know it.


  7. Hello
    I just found your site. It’s great! I wanted to share with you and others, my experience regarding Beth Moore’s teachings. This past fall I began to attend a small church here in the country where my Husband and I live. I went to the Ladies Bible Study group. They were just beginning Beth Moore’s study called Believe God. The first session seemed to be alright but deep down inside of me, I had this odd feeling that something was not right. The Pastors wife, who led the group had made us all blue crochet bracelets that we were all suppose to wear. Well, that feeling inside of me whelled up and I took my bracelet and put in into my book refusing to wear it. Also, I refused to stand up and do the pledge thingy. I went to the second session and even shed a few tears yet, I felt something was not right. During the third session, I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to run out the door. I did not go back. I believe God was showing me that there was error there. Looking back now, I know that my desire for fellowship with other women overtook me so that I was in a fog for a bit. Praise God that He showed me that I was not to go anymore. What I remember the most of those three sessions was how enamoured all the ladies were about Beth and no mention of the Lord was given. I have begun to do some studying online about Beth Moore and also the Women of Faith movement of which she is a part. I am now shocked at what I am learning about Beths Scripture twisting and supposed revelations. I do not believe that she is a Christian because one who is a true Christian would not be hearing from demons as she does and aslo, they would not twist Gods word. The other larger sister Church in town has several womens Bible studies and they are into Beth Moore as well as the Women of Faith videos. I feel heartsick at all of this deception but, I am overjoyed that God has called me out of that deception. His grace is all sufficient. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.
    Don’t let erroneous teaching enter your mind.
    God is good. Lin in British Columbia

    • I also learned the truth about Beth Moore. I observed that she spoke to thousands by satellite for several sessions, commenting on the many different denominations who were listening. Many listening were “works”, not grace in doctrine. She did not present Christ in a way that would disturb their misguided beliefs because she is ecumenical. Praising the new age priest, Brennan Manning, in print, is one of the many ways she has shown her true colors.
      A knight would declare his loyalty by displaying a banner of a certain color.
      The banner of the Christian, according to scripture, is the testamony of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit is present ” he will testify of me.”
      If her work was of the power of the Holy Spirit it would give strong testimony
      of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

  8. Love your site – just found it. Since it’s completely in line with your site name, perhaps you can relate to the inadvertent truth-telling that took place in a Houston newspaper – a huge picture of Joel & Victoria Osteen with the large headline – “At Home in the World!”. You can see it here: http://brogdensmuse.menofhonorministry.org/Apologetics/Truth_in_the_News.htm

  9. Excellent site. I have never seen such a lack of discernment and a who cares attitude in my life. Cults on Christian radio/TV, Christian Music Festivals, missionary groups, evangelical camps, book denying the deity of Christ published by a Christian publisher, author’s background, with The Way International. I contacted the Publisher and the owner, they pulled the book. Now 8 time dove award winner Joel Hemphill, who has made many videos with the gaithers denies deity of Christ, and the Trinity. I have seen his material on 4 cult sites. How he can perform concerts in evangelical churches is a real shame. Joyce meyers has one in the TV dept who is a member/leader in a church that denies the deity of Christ, the Holy Trinity, hell. I asked for an explaination. No answer. Now American Family Radio is airing the ministry of anti-Trinitarian Irvin Baxter. I thought the JW’S were bad in their attacks on the Trinity, Baxter is just as bad. What a REAL REAL SHAME!!! Blessings, James

  10. I have followed you by e-mail for some time. I have been so blessed by what I have found that I have added you to my blogroll at The Cross Is All @ http://annawood.wordpress.com/

    Thank you for standing for the Lord’s Truth! May God continue to guide and bless you,

    • Thank you, Anna! Praise the Lord!

  11. Judy & Yvonne,

    This is a great site! Do you have any post that gives your testimony or tells more about this blog, your backgrounds, why this was started, etc.?

    Thank you for taking a stand in this dark world. Blessings!

    • We do not have specific testimonial posts, however, Judy and I both have personal blogs that we use to write about our lives.

      Judy’s – http://www.thesimplefrontporch.wordpress.com

      Yvonne’s – http://www.fragranceoftruth.wordpress.com

      As far as why we started this blog, initially we wanted to expose dangerous teachings/teachers that had already found their way into the Church. Lately, we have expanded a bit to include many other issues that, we believe, have a direct impact on people’s live, specifically Christians.

      Thanks for visiting!


  12. Can I ask why you do not use your last names? I have always felt that a person who doesn’t use their name is trying to hide something. Is there some other reason you feel this is neccessary?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for stopping by — I sent you an email.

      Nothing to hide, just exercising the same caution we teach our children. Not big into publically displaying pictures of myself or our family either on the internet. Just personal preference.

  13. I came across your post on Rick Warren’s endorsement of centering prayer. Thanks for the info. I thought you might like to see this additional information.

    The web page he links to actually still exists. The content has merely been removed. It is an empty page. You can find it with a google search of ‘site:pastors.com centering prayer’


    The full web page is here:


    That web page is active, with that specific title.

    • Welcome, Tim~

      Ricky certainly is tricky!

      Neither one of the links had info on them, but there is plenty of information online discrediting Warren and his teaching. He is a heretic.

      Anyone who continues to follow his teaching has no excuse. God knows.

      I took a quick minute to check out your website and see that you are in Florida. I grew up in Florida and went to school at USF in Tampa. Thought that was interesting…

  14. Hi,
    There is a site with a woman who has written a book about being a Christian in “recovery.” She will not address A.A. biblically, and I am asking for prayer, as she is leading many into this all-gods spirituality.

    Here is her blog.

    • Thanks, John~

      I wandered over to give it a look and saw that Manfred had commented, as well. It is unfortunate that Christians buy into the ‘alcoholism is a disease’ lie. It will be interesting to see what she presents to support that.

      Will pray…


      • Thank you. I see a real development here–in A.A.–of the new age christ. The new age christ disdains the Bible, wants spiritual unity with all religions….what a time we live in!

  15. just found you. i did not know there was a site like yours.praise God for your stand for truth .i found you thru saddleback church site. i did not know they had let such false teachings in…. the wrath of God will surely fall if no repentance is made……….mary

    • Welcome, Mary~

      There are many discernment blogs. See the sidebar on the front page for links. I have learned a lot from reading these trusted sources.

      I’m curious, though. You say that you found this site via the Saddleback Church site. Can you share the link, please?

  16. The Lord allowed me to find another Broad Highway reference in the A.A. Big Book. Thought you would want to know.



    • Thanks for the update, John. No doubt A.A. is deceiving many into believing falsehoods. May the Lord be glorified by your continued efforts to contend for the faith!


  17. Here is information on early Akron AA, which a pro-A.A. author is working very hard to portray as Christian. Not so.


  18. […] is the updated post. This shameful debacle needs to come to an end. Step down,  Vic, and […]

  19. […] is the comment he left at this discernment blog in September in the comment section under a false name (again.) These are flagrant, monstrous […]

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