Posted by: Yvonne | May 16, 2012

IHOP ~ Deceiving Our Youth

One of my daughter’s friends recently did an internship at a local ‘ministry’ called The Prayer Furnace.  This ‘ministry’ is connected with the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City.   I shared my concerns with her mother when I found out about it, but was told that ‘we most likely will never agree’.

This morning I ran across this video of an IHOP intern sharing her testimony of a spirit manifesting in her life.   She’s been told that it is the Holy Spirit of God, which, of course, is a lie from the pit of Hell.  Remember, Jesus told us that ‘this wicked and adulterous generation’ would desire signs and wonders (Matt. 16:4 & 2 Thess. 2:9).

Is this really what we want for our children…

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  1. This is demonic. IHOP is a bastion of false teachers and heresy. It is the devil’s workshop!

  2. I shared my concerns with her mother when I found out about it, but was told that ‘we most likely will never agree’.

    Yvonne, you did what you could. You planted; perhaps God will grant her repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth. For now, she is seduced by the serpent into receiving a different spirit. “There is a way which seems right to a man, but the ends thereof are death.” God help those people.

    That poor girl and her friend exhibit strange, spasmodic behavior and just like in so many Charismatic-based churches, instead of being discipled away from it, they’re encouraged and also given a platform! I have yet to see what such churches won’t accept as from the Holy Spirit. (I speak as one who was given to believe in these things – to some degree at least – until the Lord rescued me out of the lion’s mouth.)


  3. How desperately sad that so very many children are being left to the wolves by their own “Christian” parents. Such terrible evil for which God will require an answer…

  4. IHOP is a dangerous place and lures youth and adults. I was in a cult for three years, and the leader used IHOP’s videos and teachings. I went to IHOP three times and noticed their false teaching and strange music. In the prayer room, they use repetitive hypnotic music. Yes, they exhibit strange behavior and most are in trancelike states of mind. The speakers repeat “come, holy spirit,” and then yell out, “oh!!” and start shaking and doing strange things.

    Keep praying for your friend and her daughter. Pray that youth at IHOP will have discernment and the strength to leave. It’s not easy because leaders of cults put fear in you.

    Thank you for your ministry and for exposing heresy and deception!


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