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American Family Association ~ Hypocrites (Updated Again and again)

American Family Association, who sponsored Rick Perry’s ecumenical ‘The Response’ prayer rally, has threatened Todd Friel, of Wretched Radio and John Loeffler, of Steel on Steel Radio because they both participate in Brannon Howse’s Wordview Weekend.  AFA says they will pull their radio programs if Friel and Loeffler continue supporting Brannon Howse; pick a side.

Before the Response prayer rally, Howse was critical of AFA’s endorsement of the rally because many of the
‘Christian leaders’ involved are heretical, i.e. Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, and Mike Bickel.  Howse was careful not to speak personally about these folks, but compared their teachings to Scripture, as Christians are called to do (Eph. 5:11).  As a result, as he predicted, he is now being marginalized for standing for the Truth of the Bible.

Apparently, Todd Friel has sided with AFR, which disappoints me, but John Loeffler has decided to take the hit. Brannon has spoken to both men at length and understands Friel’s choice saying they will remain friends and in contact.

Articles speaking about this issue:

UPDATE:   (10/5/11)

Todd Friel and the Wretched gang have posted an explanation.

His response seem pragmatic and illogical to me.  Maybe I’ll write more about that later.  For now…

While reading the comments on the Facebook page I discovered another issue that is quite disturbing and puts this entire issue into a different light.  As I read comments from ‘Paula Coyle’, I realized that there were/are other things going on that directly relate.  Case in point with a bit of history:

Years ago while researching Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven gobbledygook, I came across a blog called ‘Slice of Laodicea’.  It was hosted by Ingrid Schlueter.  She also was a radio talk show host on ‘Crosstalk’ on the VCY America radio ministry.  For years I read her blog, listened to her radio program and was blessed by her discernment.  Through these two ministries I was introduced to Brannon Howse, Ken Silva and a number of other discernment folks.  Unfortunately, things got ugly on her blog so she shut it down.  A few years after that, she left Crosstalk because of serious family issues (her father, Vic Eliason, runs VCY).    Fast forward to yesterday…

As I was putting some pieces together online, I discovered that Brannon Howse has totally erased all of Ingrid’s articles from his website.  He did this without any communication with Ingrid or without saving them for her.

Also, apparently a fellow named Jim DeArras, who posted some comments/questions on Brannon’s Facebook page that Brannon took as libelous, was threatened with legal action by Brannon.   Not very Christian-like, is it?

So, it seems to me that considering Brannon’s radio program is still on VCY America despite how badly Ingrid was treated by her own father, and Brannon has apparently treated Ingrid in a less-than-Christian-like manner with regards to her articles, I am getting a clearer picture of how pragmatism is the flavor of the day for these two men.  It also makes me wonder if Vic Eliason gave Brannon the same ultimatum: remove Ingrid’s articles, distance yourself from her totally or we’ll drop your program.  That’s total speculation on my part, but why did he do that and why now?

I am not exactly sure what to do with all this except to pray and remember the Lord’s Words that remind us not to trust in men.

UPDATE:  (10/7/11)

Brannon Howse has posted a Facebook statement about the incident with Ingrid Schlueter.

His perspective on this seems odd to me.  The way he tells the story it was simply a dispute between two Christians with one of those Christians being guilty of publicly mishandling the issue.  The fact of the matter is so much more, however, when you consider the abuse of a father towards his daughter that Ingrid described on her blog; not to mention an employer abusing his employee.

This still smacks of pragmatism on Brannon’s part.  His ministry would have taken a serious blow had he pulled out of VCY’s airtime for his radio program.  Also, instead of ‘quiety [sic] pull[ing] the articles of a long-standing columnist’ why didn’t he quietly approach this ‘long-standing’ co-worker in the Lord and seek reconciliation for the two Christian’s involved?  That’s what Brannon spoke about on his radio program earlier this week.  There was clearly sin on both sides yet he was silent until someone on Facebook mentioned the issue.

Very sad…

UPDATE: (10/13/11)

Ingrid has responded to Brannon’s Facebook statement:




This is the final update.  It is in the hands of the Lord. 




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