Posted by: Yvonne | March 16, 2011

Rob Bell’s New Book Interview

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  2. Why can’t he just come out and say what he believes? He believes the same thing as the author of The Shack, and many others. It is universalism with Jesus tossed in as the reason all will end up in heaven, even if they have to go to hell first.

    Just say it, Rob. Your book is about this, so just say it.

  3. Mr. Bashir had Bell on the ropes and justly so. He got him to spout gobbledegook over a pointed question about the love of God with regard to his power over the Japan question, to which Bell finally shrugged his shoulders with “It’s a paradox that’s best left as it is.” It’s a paradox because Bell made it one, not God’s word. God has been judging man ever since the fall with various methods of death whether private or en masse death. “He gives, he takes away.” “He kills and makes alive.” “Ye will also likewise perish unless ye repent.” What is so hard about that is that it is not “palatable to modern culture.”

    And that is what he also nailed him with: “You’ve made a Christian message that is warm, kind and popular for contemporary culture. You’re amending the Christian message so that it is palatable to contemporary people who find the idea of hell and heaven very difficult to stomach. So, here comes Rob Bell and he’s made a Christian gospel for you. He’s made it perfectly palatable that’s easier to swallow. That’s what you’ve done, haven’t you?”

    How did Bell respond to Bashir the entire time? Squirming in that chair that got hotter as the minutes ticked and threw up a smokescreen of doubletalk, misdirection and prevarication that would have made any crooked politician applaud.

    Well, I applaud Bashir in this who did his best to pin down this slippery snake of a false teacher.

    I can only hope that Bell lost some members of Mars Hill who finally woke up and acknowledged the truth after viewing this. Sadly, most will excuse him and ignore what just happened in those 7 minutes.

  4. “Palatable”….WOW……can you say “tolerance”…. “emergent”…. God help us! We are seeing prophecy being played out and fulfilled in our day.
    I cannot believe he denies being a universalist.
    Very eye-opening, and heart-breaking video.

  5. To quote Rob Bell in discussing Hell and Heaven (around the 6:00 mark)… “…our choices matter. The decision we make about whether we extend love to others or not, the ways in which we resist or we open ourselves to God’s love. These are incredibly important.”
    I guess Rob Bell doesn’t think justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is “incredibly important” when it comes to heaven and hell.


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