Posted by: Yvonne | November 24, 2010


This is the cover of Newsweek magazine this week.











This is a picture of the Hindu god, Shiva.      

Now I do not read Newsweek, so I have no idea what their worldview is; however, this cover gives us a clear indication, wouldn’t you say?

According to Wikipedia, Shiva is a major Hindu deity, the supreme god.  He is known as the Destroyer.  In the above depiction, Shiva has his foot on Apasmara Purusha who is the demon of ignorance and wears a garland of skulls.

There is so much symbolism in both photos that one could analyze them for days, but most importantly we, as Christians, might want to ask one question:

How will our ‘Christian’ President respond to this Newsweek cover?

It will be quite telling to see if Obama says or does anything at all.

If, as Christians, we are to make sure everything we do, say, represent glorifies Jesus Christ, wouldn’t one be offended by such a portrait?  Outraged even?

Watcher’s Lamp has an interesting perspective saying that this is a direct mocking of God.

I agree.

Forget about burning the Koran; I say we burn some magazines!








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