Posted by: Yvonne | November 15, 2010

Have You Considered This?


The Son of God became the Son of Man because He had the law to fulfill, darkness to dispel, truth to disclose, error to expose, prophecy to accomplish, justice to satisfy, sin to remove, righteousness to impute, sinners to save, a bride to purify, heaven to open, life to give, death to destroy, Satan to conquer and God to reveal!

God’s Word must be the final authority on all matters which it addresses not just spiritual and moral truths, but also history, geography, science and creation. To deny any of God’s Word is to question His character, authority and purpose.

Why does God allow false teachers in the midst of His sheep? He is testing their love and faithfulness to Him. Will they listen and obey the voice of wolves who try to destroy the flock or heed the Word of the Good Shepherd who promises to guide, protect, feed and nourish all His sheep who are prone to wander? (Deut. 13:3).



~Mike Gendron
Proclaiming The Gospel



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