Posted by: Yvonne | October 16, 2010

What Is The Gospel?

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  1. Great parable of how churches major on the temporal benefits for the lost and ignore their true need to be saved from the sins that are killing them.

    Sadly, it is conversely true that The Many, as Jesus calls them, who are in sin also love the darkness they’re drowning in rather than the light that saves because they don’t want their sins reproved so as to be healed of them. I was like that for years until the misery of the prodigal son was simply too much to bear any more and I came to the Lord with all my heart and soul.


  2. Stan,

    Praise the Lord for His marvelous Gift!

    Were it not for His Grace, I, too, would be drowning in my sin and loving the darkness.

  3. Glad to hear you were rescued too by the Lord, Yvonne!


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