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Comments Wanted

Is there anything wrong with this?  If so, what?


Our Sunday night program designed to be place where teens can relaxe  [sic]  and have fun that is safe from the harmful temptations that plague our youth today. We help them to see that they were created with great value and purpose. We encourage them to seek to know Jesus Christ, to learn what His will is for their lives and to pursue it with all their heart.

Our youth leaders are grounded followers of Christ who can be good role models and mentors. They plan group activities and outings and are willing to consume large quantities of junk food and listen to rather loud music.

For 6th Grade – High School Youth

Any thoughts?



  1. I’m a real cynic when it comes to youth programs, so I may be a bit picky.

    First, I wonder what sort of mentor the author could be for youth when he can’t even spell “relax.”

    Second, when I see lines such as, “We help them see that they were created with great value and purpose,” I immediately think, “More self-esteem theology.” Besides which, none of these kids were created. This is one of my pet peeves about Christianese. Only two people were created by God, and the rest of us are a result of procreation.

    The way our youth should be taught how to seek God’s will for their lives is to teach them the Word of God so that they can run everything through its grid.

    Now, the last line tells me there is a real problem. Youth leaders too often want to be part of the gang rather than a mentor for the gang, and they act just like the kids. Should they be consuming “large quantities of junk food”? What sort of role model is that for teaching good health? “Rather loud music”? Should not a role model be teaching protection of hearing? And what sort of “loud music” are we talking about? That in itself could be harmful.

    You can see that I am very skeptical of this one.

  2. I agree with Glenn and sounds typical Purpose/Emergent Driven. From the sound of this, just another teen program with the name Jesus added to it. (so it ‘sounds’ nice!) With the Church in the state it is in today, wouldn’t let my teens attend, namely because of the self esteem aspect like Glenn mentioned…not the way to go. (my children are all grown with teens of their own- but if I had any!)

  3. Of course all the things listed above are valid concerns, and this may very well be coming from the camp of those we consider the safest place for our children to congregate.

    “A little leaven” means nothing in today’s Christian world. Why, after all, it adds flavor to our meetings, right? What heathen would want anything to do with Godliness unless it is dressed-down somewhat.

    And, this is the state-of-the Church today.


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