Posted by: Yvonne | July 12, 2010

WARNING: Phillips, Craig and Dean

Last week, my daughter and I were discussing the contemporary Christian music (CCM) group, Phillips, Craig and Dean, as their song came on the radio.  (Years ago I used to listen to lots of CCM until I began to pay attention to the lyrics.)  She is becoming more discerning and wanted to know why I was critical of them, but I couldn’t remember the specifics of why I had stopped listening to that particular group.   

Then, last night, I was looking around the blogosphere and came across this Wretched Radio spot on 5 Point Salt blog: 

Now I remember…

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  1. PC&D are not the only unorthodox artists in Christian music.How about 8 time dove award winner Joel Hemphill of the Hemphill’s. He attacks the deity of our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Trinity in print and on tape. I have seen his materials on 4 anti-deity of Christ sites. Joel attends a anti-deity of Christ conference each year, then has concerts in Christian churches. You can still read some of the fine blogs concerning his unorthodoxy on the web. For The Faith, James

  2. Thanks for that info, James. I’m not familiar with the Hemphills, but am not surprised to hear that their theology is off.

    I feel like if the majority of ‘Christians’ approve of a band or of a singer, most likely it’s because what’s being sung is tickling their ears.


    • You are correct. Same goes for Christian radio. There are many fine evangelical radio stations, but there are also many who air cults. Many are aware of the word-faith, and other unorthodox teachings. But, there are many who are not aware of the dozens of programs airing on Christian radio that are anti-Trinitarian. One program is Born To Win, with Ronald L. Dart. His program has been cancelled from over twenty Christian stations due to his unorthodox doctrines. He still airs on many Christian stations. What a shame. There is one station in Little Rock, AR which airs seven anti-Trinitarian programs, including Dawn Bible Students. If you know the teachings of the JW’S, then you will know the teachings of the Dawn Bible Students. I have never seen such a lack of discernment and a who cares attitude in all my life.

  3. FYI One of Joel Hemphill’s most famous songs is “He’s Still Working On Me” I used to sing this song in Sunday School.

  4. Thanks for this great post. I never heard of these guys, but then I don’t listen to CCM. I make an assumption that is probably right 90% of the time, and that is if it is CCM it probably has theological error.

  5. The wretched clip did not provide the evidence of the charge against PC&D – which I’ve read and head from many people but seen next to nothing documented.

    • Manfred,

      You’re correct.

      I suspect, however, that the purpose of the video was to explain what PC&D are purported to believe and how it differs from the Triune God that we worship.

      A quick ‘Google’ of ‘PC&D + trinity’ brought me to two interesting articles that might help provide documentation:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Yvonne,

    Thanks for the links. It’s interesting to me how people who travel and speak or entertain can – for a season – keep their flaky beliefs out of public view. I heard Joseph Garlington, many years ago, preach a solid sermon at a large event and then get on TBN and laugh with Paul Crouch about all us at the event who didn’t speak in tongues.

    The entire oneness Pentecostal theology is troublesome and James White does a good job bring the larger issue to light.

    Warm regards and blessings in Christ,


  7. Here is another response concerning Christian artists from James White.

    He’s right on target!



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