Posted by: Yvonne | June 23, 2010

Who Is Jim Wallis?

Last week I listened to an interview on Crosstalk with Mary Danielsen who has written a ‘get-to-know-you’ booklet on Jim Wallis.  After researching Wallis’ history and his Sojourners ministry, Danielsen discovered that his views are far from evangelical despite the fact that he claims to be one. 

Danielsen quotes from Wallis’ book, The Great Awakening, on his understanding of being ‘born again’:

Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand…He is saying that a whole new order is about to enter history, and if you want to be a part of it, you will need a change so fundamental that the Gospel of John would later refer to it as a “new birth”. Being born again was not meant to be a private religious experience that is hard to communicate…but rather the prerequisite for joining a new and very public movement – the Jesus and kingdom of God movement.”The Great Awakening, p.60  (actually p. 61)


Something else that was interesting to note was that Danielsen claims

that Sojourners’ receives a portion of its considerable funding from the Open Society Institute, this is billionaire leftist George Soros’ organization.

And this

In 1983, the organization, “Accuracy in Media” published a lengthy book on the far left policies of Wallis and his organization, documenting 53 political positions of Sojourners on such issues as Israel’s right to exist, terrorism, socialism, capitalism, human rights, etc  – and compared their positions on these subjects with those of the Soviet Union. In all 53 position statements, it was found that Sojourners’ views were completely in line with the views of hardline Soviets.

That might give you an idea of Wallis’ worldview.

No doubt Wallis is political; he is a ‘spirital adviser’ to President Obama.  His activism had been going on for decades.   Mark Tooley, of IRD, has written an article for FrontPageMag, saying that Wallis has now become critical of the Tea Party movement saying

Wallis editorialized against the Tea Partiers from a “Christian” perspective, and invited Sojourners supporters to jump in with their own critique.  He also opined against Libertarians, whom he regards as almost interchangeable with Tea Partiers.  The sin of both groups, in Wallis’ eyes, is their hostility to Big Government, which Wallis of course equates with God’s Kingdom.

Jim Wallis’ voice is being heard by more churches and ministries today.  He’s been invited to speak at a Christian youth festival in Wisconsin this summer and his ‘progressive’ theology is not longer considered radical as it once was. 

I believe him to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  (Matthew 7:15)



  1. Wallis, as a hard-core socialist, preaches a social gospel – he is a heretic!.

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