Posted by: Yvonne | April 10, 2010

Jim Wallis: Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


I am not sure when this video hit the airwaves or what program it’s from, but when I watched it on YouTube I was struck by Wallis’ mis-understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

He says, “Social justice is integral to biblical faith.  It is at the heart of the Gospel”.


His Bible must be different than mine, because I understand from the Holy Bible that redemption is at the heart of the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:3-4). That Jesus, the Christ,  God incarnate, bore our sin on the cross, was crucified, buried,  rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, defeated death and Satan in order that I might be saved from eternal damnation–is the heart of the Gospel.   It is by the Grace of God, for the Glory of God.

Doesn’t sound like ‘social justice’ to me.

When asked by the interviewer what the Christian faith says about heathcare and providing  for those who need it, Wallis proceeds to equivocate with the word ‘poor’.   When Jesus, in Luke 4:18, quotes Isaiah, the word ‘poor’ does not necessarily mean an economical condition. In the context of the passage ‘poor’ most likely is a spiritual condition.  Also,  Jesus wasn’t speaking of given them someone elses money so they wouldn’t be poor any more; Jesus was ‘annointed’ to ‘preach the gospel’, (Luke 4:18) not spread financial wealth. 

Huge difference, Jim!

Next red flag was when he said that ‘most Christians think [it’s] a good idea’ to put 31 million people on the healthcare roles. 

Huh?  MOST Chrisitians? 

How does he know that?  What poll is he reading? 

From what I’ve seen reported, most Americans DO NOT support this healthcare.  How can it be then that ‘most Christians’ do? 

Is he just making up that stuff?  Incredible.

Lastly, he reiterates that the words ‘justice, economic justice are biblical words’.  And that ‘it is the mission of the church and all of us believe this…”

My question would be:  To which church is he referring? 

Certainly not Christ’s Church.

All this from Obama’s ‘spiritual advisor’…



  1. Wallis has long been a heretic. Is it any surprise that he is Obama’s advisor? Obama doesn’t want the truth of Scripture or he wouldn’t have spent his lifetime in Wright’s cultic group. Wallis wouldn’t know the truth of Scripture if it bit him in the face.

  2. If Wallis, Campolo, McLaren and their ilk are the face of Christianity to the public today, it’s no wonder that Christianity is viewed as a powerless ‘religion’.

  3. Wallis must have some kind of relationship with the National Association of Evangelicals–either that, or they are very gullible.

  4. The apostate Wallis demonstrates his lost condition by unable to quote, much less interpret that part of Matthew 25. He rips out the part that makes his flesh feel good and fails to see that Christ puts these good deeds in the context of His people – not the world. God has an abiding, saving love for His church – not the reprobates who will inherit hell. It is these – “my brothers” – whom we are to clothe, feed, visit, etc. But, of course, Wallis knows not spiritual Truths.

  5. I am glad to see that the AofG superintendent removed himself. I am not an AofG member but I know many conservatives who are and who would have been very concerned to see his name there.

    Wallis is a heretic, has been doing this garbage since the 70’s (or so I have been told by people who are old enough to remember the political scene of the 70’s… I myself just remember the gas lines and rationing.) When I figured out the apostasy of Purpose Driven in 2005 I noticed Wallis and Sojourners and he was immediately obvious to me as a marxist liberal and not a Christian.

    • Hi Paula — Thank you for the visit and your thoughts! I enjoy your blog as well and have been a visitor. In this month’s Critical Issues Commentary Bob DeWay does a great piece on those churches who like creating “Visions” for Christ’s Church.

      Keep contending for the Faith, Sister!

  6. Oh and Jim Wallis has good things to say about the denomination of which I formerly was a member, the Evangelical Covenant. That should make any Evangelical Covenant conservative (theologically OR politically) flee that denomination and take good stock of what they really believe, analyzing whether it is from Scripture or some other source. It should be only from Scripture but the church is such a mess of subjectivism today that it’s hard to know if you’re on foot or on horseback (as my dad always said).


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