Posted by: Yvonne | April 2, 2010

John Piper & Rick Warren

I’ve never read any of John Piper’s books or listened to any of his sermons.  I have heard/read a lot about him, especially concerning Mark Driscoll’s visit to his Desiring God conference.  Now that it has been confirmed that Rick Warren has been invited to speak at the 2010 conference, I was interested in hearing why straight from Piper’s mouth.  Here’s why:




  2. Hi there,

    Re. this issue, I was shocked to hear Piper had invited Warren – here’s my analysis of this video, many thanks


    • Welcome, Joseph —

      Your post is very helpful to point out the hypocrisy and heresy of Rick Warren. I have spent the last hour on your site, following the thread under ‘Conversions’ fascinating! I confess that I had to refer often to a site called Judaism 101 site to understand some of the word-thoughts.

      I learned so much. What really stood out was that Nosson thinks of the ‘church’ as Rome — as does most of the media in the US which continues to be frustrating and obviously harmful to Jews. Also hearing the strength, power, and influence of Jewish Traditions and Rabbinic teachings as expressed by the commentors was made very clear.

      I know little of MJs and consider my Christian Faith and Scripture to be very enriched by understanding the context/culture/traditions/geography of the OT Jewish people and Israel.

      It was also interesting to more fully understand the resistence/persecution that you face daily as a MJ and that you stand apart from the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (I didn’t realize they believed that Gentiles must convert).

      I plan to spend more time reading and learning from your blog! Thank you!

      • Thanks Judy! You’re most welcome on our site any time.

        To clarify my point, there is clear overlap between the MJTI and those who wish to convert Gentiles to Judaism.

        The Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council (MJRC) which advocates Gentile conversion to Messianic Judaism boasts three of the four most prominent leaders of the MJTI as members. In addition, the MJRC website recommends two MJTI-affiliated sites, and one prominent MJTI Gentile teacher is converting to Messianic Judaism via the MJRC.

        I will be happy to provide further links, but not all Messianic Jews support this!

  3. Just as a point of clarification, MJTI does not require Gentiles to convert to Judaism or perform conversions to Judaism, despite what you have read. MJTI is an independent educational institution that provides a masters degree in Jewish studies that can with other leadership classes qualify a candidate for rabbinic ordination through the Union of Messianic
    Jewish Congregations.

    BTW, I serve on the staff of MJTI.

    • Thank you, Sean for this clarification. As this represents the official position of MJTI — might some staff have a different opinion? We find that happens in VERY often in our Protestant Seminaries and “Christian” schools? We have a daughter in a Christian College and the social, political, and theological positions vary greatly between staff and from the “official” position of the college.

      It is strange, I have never thought of myself as a “Gentile” in the modern sense — but think of that word in its Biblical-times context.

      As I mistrust the nuances which may seap through written comments (unintended) — please know I am trying to learn more about MJs.

      He is Risen!



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