Posted by: judy | February 3, 2010

“Diverted by Theology” — An Interview with Brian McLaren

HT: Apprising Ministries

Watch this informative and entertaining video of Spencer Burke of  The Ooze interviewing Brian McLaren.



  1. This is a fascinating video in many ways. Brian and Spencer attempt to portray themselves as ordinary guys traveling through the town having a casual conversation about McLaren’s new book. How common; how unassuming. All the while, McLaren, with the obvious adoration of Burke, not only attacks his critics, but presents the neo-liberal theology of his new book.

    McLaren subtly sets up a straw man that all his critics do is yell, talk really loud, name call and insult him because they must be ‘weak’ or ‘insecure’ in their faith and they are afraid that their children will ‘drift away from their faith’. But he has the power of God in his weakness; (he mentions 1 Cor.) because he’s figured out that he doesn’t have to act that way even though he’s just insulted his critics and is guilty of an ad hominem attack himself. How humble of him.

    When he mentions that he loves Q & A, but wants to focus the discussion on the millions of poor and, pending nuclear, biological, chemical war instead of theology, he betrays his neo-liberal leanings; social justice, care of the environment, care of the community and global crisis. Never mind that these poor people are more than likely heading to hell because they don’t know Jesus and the ‘preacher’ that just visited them was more interested in their bellies, their safety and having a conversation about the ‘biblical narrative’ than their souls.

    I guess now we’ll all see how, in his new book, he ‘reconnects us to what he thinks is the real mission of Christ’.

    Apparently, those of us who disagree with McLaren need some clarification of his position, as if we missed his point in all his other writings.


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