Posted by: judy | January 15, 2010

Parents Beware . . . Do You Know What Your Youth Pastor is Teaching?

We invite you to look around this site, Emerging Youth’s Weblog: a forum for conversing on emerging youth’s ministry.

Please read about this Youth “Pastor” — not unlike many 30 somethings (my guess at his age) — he says about himself,

I am a youth pastor struggling to find my identity as both a person and minister in an ever-changing social and religious environment . . .”

His Purpose: 

The reason for the name of this blog is that I believe that youth ministry here in the North East (among many other places) needs to transition, change, or “emerge” into something else. I don’t believe we need a re-do, but rather need to rethink what we do, why we do it, and how we do much of traditional youth ministry..especially within the structures of denominations and local church bodies.

Understand that the problem is not about this young man trying to make sense of a crazy world, or where our churchs’ fall (very) short of their purpose, or his search to discern what God’s call on his life may be.

The problem:  He is “struggling to find his identity as a . . . minister . . .”
and he is leading/teaching our children along the way.

I wonder how many parents really know their youth leaders, what those leaders believe, what those leaders teach, and who is influencing those youth leaders.

“Youth Group” may be a physically safe place for your student — but is it a Theologically safe place for your child?

Read an example of  what an emerging ‘youth minister’:  Shift #7: From Facts to Experience/Encounter



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