Posted by: judy | January 12, 2010

Tony Jones Confesses the Purpose of Youth (Ministry) Specialties

For the sake of your child and his or her’s Christian foundation — this may be one of the most important questions that you ask your youth group leader: “Do you use any resources from Youth Specialties?”  If the youth worker says, “yes”, then please do some research beginning with the article below and the pastors listed in the original article.

Tony Jones Traces the Corruption of Youth Specialties

But then — and I remember it like it was yesterday — he said, “YS has always been about pushing boundaries.  That’s why we started it.  It was never really about youth ministry; it was always about radicalizing the church for Jesus.  It just seemed to us that youth ministry was the way to do that.”

He continued, “I’ve been afraid that we’re losing our edge, becoming too mainstream.  So, you know what, if YS goes down in flames because of what you guys write, that’s great!  At least we’ll be true to ourselves.”    — Tony Jones

Original Source: Christian Research Network

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