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“Inside Language” of Contemplative Spirituality

As a follow-up of Judy’s post on Youth Specialties, here’s an ‘enlightening’ article from Lighthouse Trails newsletter:

Recognize these terms? They are part of the “inside language” of contemplative spirituality and all point to one thing … eastern mysticism

Prayer Stations
Breath Prayers
Jesus Candles
The Jesus Prayer
Lectio Divina
Palms Up, Palms Down
The Silence
Sacred Space
Ancient Prayer Practices
Inner Self
Higher Self
False Self
True Self
A Thin Place
Divine Mystery
Spiritual Direction
Ignation Contemplation
Ignatius Exercises
Centering prayer
Prayer of the Heart
Dark night of the soul
Practicing the Presence
Divine Center
Inner light
Awareness of Being
Slow Prayer
Being in the Present Moment
Beyond Words
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Formation

Many of these terms are considered “inside” terms according to many contemplatives, such as free-lance writer, Michael Perschon. On April 16th, 2006, Youth Specialties issued an article by Perschon that illustrates the very thing we are saying here:

“Fitness buffs have an inside language. The really serious ones like to use proper anatomy terms, like gluteus maximus instead of bum. They still mean bum but, like most experts, enjoy having some special knowledge others don’t have. People who practice contemplative prayer are often no different. Like any other practice, contemplative prayer has its own inside language, which is clear to the initiated but means little to outsiders. Much of the writing on contemplative prayer uses this inside language.” -Michael Perschon, “Contemplative Prayer Practices”

Here’s a link to the definitions of these terms:



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