Posted by: judy | January 3, 2010

“Advice on Reading” by Richard Baxter

Advice on Reading

Some may think that the old Theologins are dull with nothing to offer this generation. For me they are often a breath of fresh air with their simple Truths extrapolated straight from Scipture. They point us to Christ and not man’s wisdom.

“Make careful choice of the books which you read: let the holy scriptures ever have the pre-eminence, and, next to them, those solid, lively, heavenly treatises which best expound and apply the scriptures, and next, credible histories, especially of the Church . . . but take heed of false teachers who would corrupt your understandings.”  Richard Baxter (1615 – 1691)

Baxter’s Guide To The Value Of A Book

While reading ask oneself:

1. Could I spend this time no better?

2. Are there better books that would edify me more?

3. Are the lovers of such a book as this the greatest lovers of the Book of God and of a holy life?

4. Does this book increase my love to the Word of God, kill my sin, and prepare me for the life to come?



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