Posted by: judy | December 22, 2009

Very Different Reviews on Brian Mclaren

Very different reviews of Everything Must Change & Brian Mclaren.

Hearts & Minds Books: (by Byron Borger)

Yet, despite a hefty speaking engagement set for tomorrow morning—and more books to set up, first—I just have to tell you about two new items that we got in the store today. They have brought me joy and some hope, even amidst my goofy mood.

Brian Mclaren’s long-awaiting new book arrived, a bit earlier than I had expected. It is called Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope (Word; $21.99.) I have been carrying around a beat-up early draft for a while, now, and have been itching to write about it, and now, the time has come, and I don’t have time or energy. Still, this is not a sleep-deprived rant, but a well-considered evaluation: this really, really, is a very, very important book. Read the entire article.

The Emergent Village: Tony Jones interviews Brian Mclaren.

Brian Mclaren and the Dangers of the Emergent Church

Gary Gilley Reviews: Everything Must Change



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