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Bridging the Religious Divide?

At the 2010 Jubilee Conference sponsored by the Coalition for Christian Outreach of the 39 speakers there are at least 2 proclaiming atheists/heathens . . . Interesting, what is the purpose of a Christian organization sponsoring a Christian conference for college students and presenting a panel discussion between Christians and atheists? Very progressive.

Meet Ashley Paramore and Herman Menhta 2 of the panel members.

Could it be in the words of Paramore, “to aid in bridging the religious divide”? 

Can you see the unfolding deception? Jubilee is entrenched in social justice, save the world, and man-centered initiatives. If we all stood side by side and ‘did good’ together the world would be a much better place. Will that be the conclusion which is reached?

Clearly, Jesus didn’t get it right the first time and thankfully there are so many well-intended people who want to help Jesus save the world.  What if we gave Him a another chance?

What if Jesus had a ‘do-over’ , a religious Mulligan? Maybe He would do a better job the second time around, a little more inclusive. He was a bit intolerant wasn’t He?  How would Jesus bridge the religious divide?

Perhaps a panel discussion between a couple Pharisees and Disciples?

Perhaps build a house together in Jerusalem with an ecumenical group of Christians, Gnostics, and Pagans.

Perhaps the Sermon on the Mount was too harsh and critical. Jesus hadn’t ‘earned the right’ to speak so boldly to the disciples and others who gathered — He offended the crowds. Too much talk about sin  — it makes people uncomfortable and then they don’t return — Let’s not shove the whole salvation thing down their throats.

Maybe offer a new translation of the Pentateuch, one that was a little more relevant to ‘His’ generation?

What do you think Jesus could have done better?
What solutions would Jesus offer to ‘bridge the religious divide?’



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  2. I am preatty certain you have no idea what you are talking about.

    You make some huge conclusions about what their topic of discussions will be based on.
    It is very easy to criticize when you:
    a. Dont have the facts.
    b. Completely removed from the event.
    c. Can fire off a blog Keith Olbermann style.

    Very poor.

    • Welcome, Dan,

      I am quite certain that you have no idea of what we know. Unfortunately, you are guilty of the same ‘crime’ of which you accuse us.

      By presenting an ad hominem attack, you lose credibility. If you would like to present a defense for CCO or Geneva, please feel free. If not, please refrain from commenting.

      Thank you.

      • And you set up a straw man and knock it down with ease.
        You are right I don’t know what you know. Though If this blog is any indicator of what you know about how this particular Jubilee session, then I would indeed suggest, that you have no idea what you are talking about, regarding the session in question.
        Not an ad hominem attack when you exhibit my point in your blog.
        If you think I was making a sweeping generalization about your general character then what kind of Christian would I be?
        I am not sure I am the one who needs to elaborate on my position.

  3. Umm…Didn’t Jesus speak AGAINST Religious people? It seems like he spent the majority of his time with sinners and the lowly (read atheists and heathens).

    I mean…who’s to say your views are much better than these atheists? Your just as much as sinner as they are? Right? And from my encounter with non-believers, they often time have a better understanding of scriptures that most Christians do.

    I’m not saying all truth is relative, but i think the majority of Christians have a very dualistic and corrupted view of the scriptures and Jesus from the get go.

    We should be more than willing to engage in discussions with ANYBODY. Obviously we don’t “throw pearls to swine”, but i’m pretty sure we can OFFER our pearls and show them off. If what we have is something truly beautiful and real, than we should be happy that people such as Hemant and Ashley are even willing to listen.

    I say these things out of pure sincerity. I’m honestly curious as to how you would respond?

    • Welcome, a sinner given grace,

      Yes. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees because they were hypocrites leading their flock astray.

      We are commanded in Ephesians 5:11 to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Therefore, when ‘leaders’ are leading their flocks astray by promoting the ‘social justice’ gospel and ‘cultural mandate’ gospel, it is imperative that they be exposed of their false teaching.

      We are commanded in Luke 24:47 to preach ‘repentence and the remission of sins.” Is this why the atheists were invited to speak at Jubilee? so the students can share the Gospel of Grace to them?

      I’m sure you can probably guess the answer to that question is–no.

  4. You are grossly miss informed.

  5. Sorry second response is in regard to the first response. I thought you erased my first response.

  6. Truce, please, Dan,

    It is not my desire to debate logical fallacies with you. We are getting no where!

    If you would like to address a specific point that was brought up in this post, please do.


  7. Yvonne, I’d say your points are all quite valid. If the meeting between the Christians and Atheists was not solely to demonstrate the untenable position atheists hold, then there was no biblical reason for Christians to give an open forum to them.

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