Posted by: Yvonne | November 19, 2009

Is Obama a Muslim?

A friend sent me this video today which shows clips of President Obama praising Islam and the Koran.  I wonder if there is any video showing him supporting Christianity and the Bible with as much passion.

Ironically, he said this on Larry King Live:

I’m curious how an admitted Christian can quote the Koran, bow before a Muslim King and praise Islam as a religion of peace and not give his own personal faith the same publicity. 

The fact is the only time I have heard him speak of Scripture is to challenge its orthodox meaning.  Whenever he visited a Christian university to give a speech the religious symbols were covered up so as not to offend.  How many times has he taken his family to worship since he was elected President?

Is he ashamed of the Gospel of Christ?




  1. With all the other lies he’s been caught in (e.g., the health care plan will not cover abortion), and the fact that Muslims can lie to hide their motives, am I supposed to trust him when he says he’s not a Muslim? Especially with all the support he’s given them and the anti-Christian messages sent by his administration (as you mentioned), and the fact that he attended a cultic “church” for 20 years, and his support of all that is unholy, I find it difficult to accept he could be a Christian.

  2. <<<<>>>>>

    Excellent comment! He definitely has done nothing to support Christianity, in fact quite the contrary: Banned National Day of Prayer? Banned the 40-year? fly over at God and Country rally in Idaho?

    Hmmmm… Food for thought, isn’t it?

  3. Great videos! I have one on my blog, but I had not seen the 2nd one with Larry King.
    Obama has to be a pathological liar, otherwise why would he contradict himself over and over again regarding EVERY topic!

    Back in Nov 2008 he said he first needed a rescue plan for the middle class that invests in immediate efforts to create jobs …, then in Jan and Feb 2010 he says his “top priority” is to continue to work hard on the economy.

    Work hard? He says it; he just doesn’t do it! All he’s done is work on health care since the day he stepped foot in the Oval office, NOT the economy!

    • Welcome, PJ!

      I, too, am deeply concerned about Obama as our President. I do not care for his policies nor his beliefs. However, I am reminded that we, as Christians, are called to pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:2). This is where I find myself at this point.


  4. Yes, Yvonne, that is so true. But I think what frustrates me more than anything are those who put Obama in office without educating themselves to who he really is! I know so many people who voted for him for all the wrong reasons.

    And even though we are supposed to pray for those in authority, I feel it is also our responsibility as free Americans to put the RIGHT people in office who swear to uphold the Constitution and the values of our forefathers.

    But I guess there is no use in my whining about it. :o) It is what it is, and it will be that way for another 3 years — and possibly another 7 years. God help us all! But, as you say, we just need to pray — pray for America.

    Prayer may be all we have left.


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