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All Hail Obama: from community organizer to world emperor

Fascinating commentary by Dave Weinbaum of the Jewish World Review;  not from a Christian perspective but interesting, none the less.  Our Jewish friends have much to be concerned about when it comes to our President’s policies on Israel and the Middle East. 


Up is down. Down is up. Truth is lie. Lie is truth. Financial success is bad. Stealing cash from those achieving financial success to “redistribute” is good. We’re all equal, but some of us in government are more equal than others.

The CIA, that saved thousands of American lives, must be investigated…again. Uniformed Black Panthers confessing to terrorizing Philly voters with Billy clubs are let go. Obama is a new god. Pay no attention to the One who has been around forever.

Progressive fascists will lead you because you need them to. Because you protest is proof that the seculars must guide you for your own good.

Welcome to the Bizarro World of President Barack Hussein Obama. The man is a lost cloud who is currently raining on Western Civilization and the USA in particular. Recent events have illuminated our Dear Leader’s six D view of the universe:


  • Barack: Why travel to OTHER countries and foul mouth America when you can dump on ’em in one building in the financial and cultural center of the USA, the UN? 
  • FCC Diversity Chief, Mark Lloyd, praising Hugo Chavez and his “revolutionary” takeover of the Venezuelan press has us all sweating our First Amendment right. 
  • To UN: Until I (Dear Leader) took office we (America) were the worst nation in the world. (Paraphrasing) 
  • Obama told us Bush had us in the wrong war. Afghanistan is where the terrorists reside. On March 27th, Barack outlined a clear strategy to win the war but now? Obama won’t respond to his own general’s plea for more troops. This while our brave troops are dying in “Obama’s War.”  

  • Backing Arabs vs. our 62-year alliance with Israel. He’s challenging the Israeli right to build any homes for Jews in their ancestral AND legal homeland while claiming “no preconditions to negotiations.”   

  • Barack Claims transparency, bipartisanship and fairness, and then shuts down debate on bills written by American terrorists, unions and ACORN. 
  • In the midst of one of the coldest years in history, a record-setting half-year of oil finds, and a growing number of scientists claiming Global Warming a scam, Dear Leader goes before the UN and says the world is headed for catastrophe if it doesn’t act NOW!   

  • Dems voted yesterday 12 to 11 in committee to not have a three day posting of the final HC bill so people and Congress could read it. THREE DAYS FOR A TRILLION DOLLAR BILL!! It was so bad even Senator Olympia Snowe voted with her own party.. Obama led the UN Security Council’s vote for atom bomb disposal, now that Iran, Pakistan, Korea and who knows what country or terror groups have nukes. It’s just like killing the Second Amendment when we know criminals will continue to acquire guns.

“May G-d bless and keep the (Czars)… far away from us!”
Rabbi from Fiddler on the Roof.

Mr. President, what color are the clouds on the planet you’re living on?
As first graders in New Jersey are forced to sing our Dear Leader’s praises, the only thing scarier than Obama as president is (Hold on to your coffee mugs and wine glasses) Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are next in line.
Obama fits right in with the lunatic fringe of the UN, Castro, Chavez, Qaddafi and Hitler wannabe Ahmadinejad. In fact, let’s make him Emperor! As he bathes in the love of the other fruitcakes, maybe he’ll forget about trying to destroy the USA.
*Tip to self-handicapped AG Eric Water Board Holder on terrorists caught preparing to blow up mass transit and who knows what in NY and elsewhere. If you want to get the facts on immediate threats to thousands of American lives, you can drag it out of them. I heard from a good source they like “…pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.” Good luck, NY!





  1. President (Show Us The Birth Certificate) ObuMer is the puppet / front man for The Washington D.C. Branch of The New World Order.

    They are Globalists who want to destroy America’s borders, they want to destroy the U.S. Constitution, and they have been working very heard at destroying the American Dollar because they want to replace with their Amero-Dollar.

    They are E-ViLe like you wouldn’t believe.

    They are all God Haters!

    And since they can’t kill God, since they are mere human beings, they do what their kind have done for thousands and thousands of years. They persecute the people of God and kill them when they get the chance.

    Chag Sukkot Sameach


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