Posted by: Yvonne | June 2, 2009

Dr. George Tiller Knows Now

Dr. George Tiller was murdered last Sunday while attending church.  He was an abortionist who specialized in late-term abortions.  His practice was in Kansas where he had close ties to former governor Katherine Sebelius, who is now the Secretary of Heath and Human Services.

Many thoughts swirl around in my head as I think about this man being murdered.  But mostly I can’t help but think that he knows the Truth now.  It is now VERY CLEAR to him what Jesus thinks of his work while on this earth.  

We will never know, this side of eternity, if Tiller repented and trusted Christ as his Savior.   We will never know, this side of eternity, if God saved him. 

What we DO KNOW is that right now Tiller knows the TRUTH.

May God have mercy on his soul!




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