Posted by: Yvonne | May 21, 2009

The Spy at Liberty University

A chance visit to the Suspicious Berean’s blog brought me to a fascinating post called Libertine Universpysity.  Considering the fact that I have a number of friends who send/will be sending their children to Liberty, I found the information presented to be quite disturbing.  Not wanting to spend lots of time following all the links supporting the claims of  hypocrisy, I could not resist reading the excerpt from the ‘spy’ story that was mentioned in the post. 

Here’s the link to the spy story: 

I was ‘intrigued’ by many aspects of Kevin’s account of the ‘mission’ trip to Daytona Beach’s Spring Break.  After reading the entire narrative, however, I realized that his report was probably extremely accurate.   He seems to have a firm grasp on Liberty’s flawed methodology of evangelism and the poor results, thereof.  

So, Christians, what should be done, then?  Do we stop sending our children to ‘Christian’ schools?  Do we stop attempting to evangelize the lost?  What methods of evangelization are to be used?

What are your thoughts?



  1. I think it is very difficult to find a Christian college that hasn’t compromised with lots of things, especially now that they all seem to be enamored with contemplative prayer and other emergent ideas. We sent our kids to a “Christian” school for one middle-school year, and we didn’t see a whole lot of difference – even the science teacher was an evolutionist.

    NEVER stop trying to evangelize the lost, but it doesn’t take methodologies – it just takes a sincere heart and knowing what your own faith is actually about.

  2. hmmmm, lots of thoughts on this one. Adding to Glenn’s last paragraph about methodologies not necessary but ~~ a sincere heart, knowing your own faith, (and I would add) and a love for God’s unwatered down Word which has ‘Power’ unlike the wishy washy interpretations of God’s Word made by the emerging church.

    Liberty University is just another ‘symptom’ of the same problem in our churches. Incorrect doctrine or little to know solid doctrine is being taught by Pastors, guarded and preserved by Elders, nor known by Sunday School teachers.

    Parents ‘rely’ on the institutions to do their job of teaching God’s Word to their children.

    It is almost like going through a car wash. Parents drive up to the chosen institution, select the level/depth of ‘cleaning’ — waxed, underbody wash, tires scrubbed — pay their money, push a button, and drive their children through. The exterior ‘looks’ cleaner than when it started but inside the card is still filthy.

    Open the car door and the children disembark; thinking they have ‘done’ what it takes to be a Christian and maybe even believe they are being ‘called’ into ministry.

    The next thing you know they show up at your church as the new ‘Youth Minister’ and leads a mission trip to a Habitat for Humanity building site in Alabama, while there do a Rob Bell Bible Study, and have an evening discussion at Starbucks about where they see God in the Twilight Movie that they saw earlier.

    And the Pastor feels good, the elders feel good, the Youth Minister feels good, and the parents feel good ~~ everyone did their job ~~ and the heretical cycle just feeds itself.


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