Posted by: Yvonne | May 1, 2009

The Obama Coup

President Obama is moving forward with his coup d’etat.  The speed at which our country is changing is astounding!   Fortunately, for now, we have men and women who are discerning the times and explaining these events through the lens of Scripture. 

Crosstalk’s program from April 30, 2009 reports the following:

Brannon Howse welcomed Bob Unruh, a reporter for WorldnetDaily, to discuss numerous issues relating to health, the media and the Internet. They included:

–Senate Bill 909 has just been introduced. This is the Senate version of the Hate Crimes Bill, House Resolution 1913, which passed in the House of Representatives yesterday.

–A proposal to set up accountability committees that would attempt to keep local radio stations and their talk programming in “balance”

–Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas openly disagrees with the Fairness Doctrine.

–Senate Bills 773 and 778, the Cyber Security Act of 2009, whereby the president would have the right to shut down the Internet under whatever circumstances he deems to be an emergency

–Approximately 36,000 deaths occur each year from the common flu, yet little is said about it. At the same time the swine flu situation is being called a pandemic when only one person has died from this to date. Brannon and Bob discuss the possible reasons for this reporting imbalance.

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You may listen to the entire, one-hour program at




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