Posted by: judy | April 16, 2009

Another Dominionist? W. Graham Tullien Tchividjian

The new pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (replacing D. James Kennedy), William Graham Tullien Tchividjian, sounds very much like a proponent of Dominion Theology.

Because God is on a mission to transform this present world into the world to come and because He has enlisted Christians to join him in this work; then everything we do in this life matters forever.

What do you think?



  1. Hmmm, reminds me of Rob Bell.

    I think you’re right. Other than that, what is he talking about?

    Sounds like the same old “read this book instead of the Bible” thing.


  2. Ok – got it… God needs our help to transform the world into the world to come. ie – Dominionism!!!
    Wow – what a God we serve, that He needs MY help? No wonder my life must “count for something big & explosive”. Where will God do if it doesn’t?

  3. YES!! Dominionist uses Genesis 1:28 as their ‘mandate’. NASB uses, referring to creation, ‘rule’ over the birds . . . other translations use the word ‘dominion’. However, with the fall of man — sin turned the harmonious system of God-ordained roles into struggles of self-will.
    The effect of the curse on creation is “vanity” — futility. Ecc 1:5-8
    Labor is difficult and yields little profit — Ecc 1:3, 13; 2:3; 3:9-11; Ge 3:17-19
    Man’s heart is desperately wicked. Ge 3:22; 6:5; 8:21 Ecc 7:20; 7:29; 8-11; 9:3

    What we see happening is the rise of ‘Social Justice’ issues and dominionists try to fix ‘creation’ and create a physical Kingdom of God on earth NOW — the Kingdom of God in Scripture is a spiritual Kingdom until time ends when we then reside in the eternal Kingdom with God.


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