Posted by: judy | April 9, 2009

Stephanie Meyers dreams of Edward . . . again


Stephanie Meyers whose book series and movie, Twilight, has taken the world by storm and sunken its dark claws into Christian and nonChristians alike — has dreamed of Edward again.

‘Again’ because the idea for the books came to her in a dream where she ‘met’ Edward and Bella. Read about her first dream on the Stephanie Meyer web site.

Stephanie now recounts a second dream. In this one Edward Cullen, is not too pleased with Stephanie’s biography of Edward; he told her that she got it all wrong.

“I had this weird… I was sleeping in the guest room because my husband had a horrible cold and so I wasn’t like in my normal surroundings and I had this dream that Edward actually showed up and told me that I got it all wrong and like he exists and everything but he couldn’t live off animals… and I kind of got the sense he was going to kill me.

“It was really terrifying and bizarrely different from every other time I’ve thought about his character.

“It was cool because it added something different to my view of him.” Twilightgear

When did it become “cool” to fear for your life?



  1. And yet Chrisitans are still proclaiming this series to be fun!


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