Posted by: Yvonne | April 9, 2009

Rick Warren is a liar.


In the first video below, you see Rick Warren endorsing California’s Proposition 8, which was a California bill to define marriage as only between one man and one woman. 

In the second video, Rick Warren was interviewed on Larry King Live and denies ever endorsing Proposition 8.

As my wise mother-in-law says, “We need to call a spade a spade!” 


HT: Slaughter of the Sheep




  1. WOW! Perfect post and with CLEAR proof that he is indeed a liar! Even our 13 year old could clearly (and with amazement) identify the lie. Let’s see the Rick Warren disciples spin this one!

  2. I saw these videos and another one on another blog yesterday. Back when the “Purpose Driven Life” first came out and became a fad, I was saying the guy was off base and no one at church would listen to me. The associate pastor was passing out Warren’s book like candy. As time has gone by, I have been justified in my assessment of Warren way back then. He is truly a false teacher!

  3. Hey! I am not a computer genious, so how come the video of Ricky Warren on Larry King Live has been removed and by whom? I wanted to see this liar actually lying on national T.V. and I have been gypped! What gives?

  4. Bereangirl,

    I’m not sure why the video was removed, but you can still see it on youtube. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for stopping by!



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