Posted by: judy | April 2, 2009

To all you ‘troublemakers’: A mother confronts her ’emerging’ church

wrong-way-sign” . . . As Susan learned the nature of this “new spirituality,” she became increasingly alarmed. And as she began talking about it with the leadership at her church, it became apparent to her that this was going to be no small matter, and that her concerns were not going to be welcomed by her church’s pastors and elders. After several agonizing weeks of discussion, prayer, and turmoil, Susan and her husband sadly left their church. They knew they could not, in good conscience, leave their sons (and themselves) in harm’s way.Pete Greig (Red Moon Rising) were not something she wanted her young son to take part in. And Susan suspected that the reason for the swift dismissal of her question at the parent’s meeting was because she was becoming known as a trouble-making parent who didn’t understand the wave of the future for Christianity. . .

But for Susan, the battle was only just beginning. One of her son’s was scheduled to go on a missions trip to Europe with his Christian high school group. But at a parent’s meeting, when Susan asked one of the leaders if the students would be attending any of the “boiler rooms” (Catholic-oriented contemplative “prayer” rooms) when they were in the UK, the leader curtly replied, “We’ll go where ever the Lord leads.” Susan thought perhaps he did not know what the boiler rooms were, but his sharp answer worried her. By this time in Susan’s research, she had learned that the UK boiler rooms, started by mystic proponent

Read the entire article from Lighthouse Trails  (Be sure to read the follow-up letter from Susan at the end of the article) & HT: Carla at More Books and Things because I saw the post at her site first!



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