Posted by: judy | March 24, 2009

On A Newstand Near You: Purpose Driven Connection

Time Magazine Reports:


Purpose Driven Connection, which debuted last month and is published by the Reader’s Digest Association, is a leap of faith for Warren at a time when newspapers and magazines are under great financial strain. The launch also took place just months after Warren faced his first real barrage of public criticism, for his support of California’s anti-gay-marriage ballot referendum, Proposition 8, and for his prominent role in Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony. So while the magazine may be a financial gamble, it’s also a test of Warren’s influence and golden touch. (See the 25 most influential Evangelicals.)

Herescope provides additional research:

PyroMarketing Hagiography

hagiography: (noun) A biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint); the writing and critical study of the lives of the saints.

What is significant about the launching of this magazine is that it is to MEMBERS, not mere customer SUBSCRIBERS. Rick Warren is still following the PyroMarketing strategy laid out by Greg Stielstra in his book of that title, which we reviewed in an article series called “The Dopamine-Driven Church” in 2007 here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The TIME article explains how this membership formula works: [emphasis added]

The idea is to market the magazine through Warren’s existing pastor networks. Reader’s Digest has already sent out “pastor kits” (with copies of the new issue and DVD) to 100,000 churches that have worked with Warren in the past and contacted an additional 130,000 pastors with e-mail pitches. . . . What Warren and Reader’s Digest have created is essentially a new marketing and distribution network for Christian small-group materials, packaged in a glossy newsletter-on-steroids that features full-spread ads from groups like Compassion International and Regent University.



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