Posted by: judy | March 19, 2009

Internet Mystery . . .

A creative genius has begun a blog from the perspective of Barack Obama’s Teleprompter!

Barack Obama’s Teleprompter Blog

Yesterday’s Post . . .

Heading West

I’ll be heading out to LA for the Jay Leno appearance. This will be fun; I haven’t done Hollywood since that Streisand fundraiser last summer. Back then, it was just warmed over stump material that Alec Baldwin was lip-synching along to, but tomorrow night the stakes are higher. It’s all new material: we have a whole five million viewers and a rabidly supportive studio audience to sway on the American economy. Just be aware that when The Big Guy says, “Secretary Geithner is doing a great job,” it’s not a laugh line.

You’re probably wondering what it’s like for me to travel on Air Force One. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Even though I’d consider myself critical to the communications process, I don’t get to sit with Gibbsy or any of the other “Comms” team. If I weren’t so confident in my relationship with The Boss, I’d think they were trying to undercut me. But after the election, I also didn’t expect to find myself down in the cargo hold with the more common electronic equipment.



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