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A megaChurch and Pastor to Watch

Billy Graham’s grandson to lead famed megachurch. tullian

A widely-known megachurch founded by an architect of the religious right and seen as a national political force selected a grandson of Billy Graham on Sunday as its new leader.

The overwhelming vote by congregants (91%) at Coral Ridge Presbyterian in Fort Lauderdale to appoint the Rev. Tullian Tchividjian could represent a softening of the message spread by the Rev. D. James Kennedy, who was pastor at the church until his death in September 2007.

Kennedy’s preaching against homosexuality and abortion made him one of evangelical Christianity’s most divisive figures, and he worked to inject his faith in all aspects of public life and the political process, like allies the Rev. Pat Robertson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Tchividjian insists he holds the same theological positions of Kennedy, but he cuts a far different image.

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Now the ‘Red Flags’ . . .

1. Dominion Theology:

red-flagif we are ever going to “push” the Enemy back and properly “reclaim territory for God” we are going to have to be people, not only of double listening, but double exegesis: exegeting Scripture and exegeting our culture. For, as Pearcey puts it, “Our calling is to apply the finished work of Christ to our lives and to the world around us.” Tullian’s Blog

2. ‘Contexualizing’ the Gospel: Tullian cites Nancy Pearcy, Total Truth book as the example/authority.

as Nancy Pearcey says in her excellent book Total Truth, Christians need to learn how to be bilingual. By this she means that Christians must translate the persepctive of the Gospel into language understood by our culture

Read Gary Gilley’s Review of “Total Truth” (excerpt): More Dominion Theology

Of most concern is Pearcey’s understanding of what she calls the “Cultural Mandate” (pp. 47-49, 66, 72-73, 82, 129). Those, like Pearcey, who believe in a Cultural Mandate, draw their biblical support from Genesis 1:28 where Adam and Eve are told to subdue the earth. The Cultural Mandate is the popular idea that mankind in general, and believers in particular, are called to engage, influence and transform culture (p. 35).

 Based on Tullian’s Dominion Theology leanings; This is clearly a young pastor to watch and see where he leads Coral Ridge.



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  2. This guy is part of an emergent like network called the Gospel Coalition ( which sounds like trouble to me.

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