Posted by: judy | March 1, 2009

Church Reduces Carbon Footprint; Worships in Dark

The eco-friendly Raintree Church During Bible Study

The eco-friendly Raintree Church During Bible Study

In an effort to stem the tide of global warming, Raintree Christian Fellowship began worshipping in the dark this month by turning off the earth-destroying electricity to their building. Though temporarily blinded by the decision, the congregation has seen a sharp increase in spirituality and stubbed toes.

“Turning off the lights has really forced us to find God and each other by using our other four senses,” said Pastor Mike Gruber. “Thankfully, since most of us also reject the use of cancer-causing deodorants, it wasn’t really hard to find each other in the dark. At first I wondered who brought the dead possum in here, but then I realized it was just Bob.”  Read the rest here.

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  1. I have to say, this is plain witless.


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