Posted by: judy | February 28, 2009

from the mouths of babes: 13 year old CPAC speaker

Fascinating, the maturity and understanding of conservative ideology from child-author, Jonathon Krohn. Many reviewers are very critical that the boy only reverberates conservative buzz-words with little content, he has been a victim of brain-washing,  and listens to too much Hannity, etc.


It is acceptable that kindergarten childen have a school field trip to their teacher’s same-sex union.

It is acceptable that children study and participate in the global lie of global warming climate change in public school.

It is acceptable that children are provided contraceptives in public school.

It is acceptable to rewrite history/textbooks and propagandize the lies to children.

Who’s doing the brainwashing? What do you think?



  1. I think left and right wingers brain wash kids. That’s why some kids are soo messed up.

    Perhaps if the likes of Bristol Palin had her mother governor be ok with sex education and contraception in the schools she wouldn’t have had to do a PSA on Greta Van Sustern’s show on abstinence not being realistic!!!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and glad this post motivated some discussion. You raised a couple of interesting points.
      1. I wonder why parents allow/encourage/seek/permit the public school system, the church, and Fox News/CNN to mold and formulate their child’s thinking, morals, and character? Parents in the United States (I can only speak for which I am apart) willingly relinquish their parental responsibilities to any of the aforementioned organizations.

      2. You are the first one to question/blame (that I have heard) the lack of sex education and contraception in the public school for Bristol’s pregnancy and not Mr. and Mrs. Palin. Thankfully Bristol is part of a family unit that values life, responsibility, and accountability and not death.

      I tend to believe that Miss Palin knew that having sex might produce a pregnancy along with the other 468,988 teens who get pregnant every year in the US. So if the Alaskan public school system does not ‘teach’ sex education nor provide contraception, I wonder what happened to those teens in the above number who did attend their public school ‘health’ indoctrination class. I know our district provides it.

      But anyway who needs sex education in the schools, isn’t there enough on television?

  2. I like that he said that he was listening to the democrats fillubustering and it sparked an interest in politics. Seems to me, this is a young teen who had an interest in something and dove into it. How is this so different from our children being “all involved” in soccer, drama, gaming, etc? His “thing” just happened to have a political bent to it.
    On the other hand, taking 5 year olds to a lesbian wedding as a school field trip????? How is that NOT social engineering? Did that take place in California? The state that is trying to outlaw home schooling?
    Control the education of children, control the moral and political future.

  3. This young man seems to have a good handle on the subject! And Judy, your last statement is WELL SAID!

    Oh, by the way, abstinence certainly IS realistic – just as self-control in any other venue is realisitic.

  4. Thanks Glenn, your comments always enrich the content of our posts!


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