Posted by: judy | February 25, 2009

Richard Foster, Rome, or the Gospel . . .

scriptureWhich do you follow?

Well today is the traditional observance of  ‘Ash Wednesday’ and  if you were reading our posts here, the simple front porch, and Fragrance of Truth you will remember how both Yvonne and I were re-evaluating (a little post-modern indulgence) our  Christmas ‘celebrations’ .

Here we are at the threshold of Lent and I (judy) am back to exploring the origins, traditions, and our own previous observance of Lent.

Today, I am just gathering information . . .

If you are also interested in some history of Lenten practices read these articles, leave your thoughts, and let’s have a discussion.

Of one thing I am certain, I follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost.

Origin and History of Ash Wednesday

Get Lent: Protestants do the sober season

John Calvin devotional for 2009

John MacArthur and a former Catholic Priest



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