Posted by: judy | January 23, 2009

Why did the Chief Justice fumble the ‘Oath of Office’?

Could the “Oath of Office” fumble by Chief Justice John Roberts reflect that more is going on than meets the eye?

Interesting to note that World Net Daily is reporting  a “secret meeting” took place between Supreme Court Justices (less Samuel Alito) and President Obama.

A lawyerwho is working on one of the cases before the U.S. Supreme Court that challenges the eligibility of President Barack Obama to occupy the Oval Office is raising concerns over a meeting between the defendant in the case and the judges who are expected to review it.

According to a CBS report, Obama visited the Supreme Court before his inauguration at the invitation of Chief Justice John Roberts. The report described it as a protocol visit.

According to a separate published report, Obama and then-Vice President-elect Joe Biden met in a court conference room with Roberts and seven other justices for about 45 minutes.

The supplemental documents in the Taitz case cite an executive order concerning qualifications issued by President George Bush on Jan. 16.

It is most unfortunate that the United States elected a man who is continually cloaked in suspicion.



  1. No, it’s most unfortunate that America voted for a guy TWICE who turned out to be the worst president and greatest terrorist the World has ever seen.

    Obama has been in office three days, and Bitter Republicans are finding any little thing they can sink their nasty little claws into, in order to discredit Obama. It’s disgusting.

    • Praise God for the freedom we BOTH enjoy to speak in public without worry or concern of our safety and liberty. Hope you visit us again! judy


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