Posted by: judy | January 16, 2009

Rank heresy.


This is the epitome of rank heresy.
How many lies can you count in this three-minute video?

John Shelby Spong
Retired Episcopal Bishop
Author, Why Christianity Must Change or Die

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  1. Spong has been spewing heresy for decades now. He doesn’t believe a single doctrine of the Christian faith. The fact that the Episcopal Church never defrocked him is one of the proof’s of that church’s apostasy.

  2. Hi Glenn, This is my first exposure to Spong. Had that same thought — why does the Episcopal Church allow him to still be identified with them? It speaks volumes. judy

  3. And don’t forget he is a top bishop, even though retired.

    Your first exposure, eh? Oh, you’ll find so much horrid stuff about him it will make your head swim. I don’t know why he insists he’s a Christian. He doesn’t believe the Bible is inspired, he doesn’t believe in the Trinity or the divinity of Christ. He doesn’t believe Mary was a virgin. And of course he thinks homosexual behavior is A-Okay! Yep, he’s an arch-heretic.

  4. Spong is a retired bishop. If the Episcopal Church is anything like the Methodists, then he will be supported for life.

    He is also part of the Jesus Seminar from way back when.

    A number of years ago, my church had a telecast of a debate between Spong and William Lane Craig. The subject was whether or not Christ’s resurrection was spiritual or physical. Spong’s perspective was so twisted, it made me wonder if he had ever read Scripture.

    I think some of our emergent friends are following in his footsteps.



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