Posted by: judy | January 12, 2009

A One-Sided ‘Conversation’ at Kingdom People

conversationRecently, after commenting on the interview with Andy Crouch author of  Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Trevin Wax at Kingdom People; Mr. Wax saw fit to remove our questions and our exposure of inconsistencies.

To Recap: On this post at Kingdom People, Critiquing Culture, Yvonne responded with this post, Confusing Cultural Conversation.

Andy Crouch responds on Yvonne’s post. He also comments at Kingdom People with this:

I think it’s worth mentioning, given confusion elsewhere, that while I do think that HBO has produced works of artistic excellence that far exceed anything available on advertiser-supported television, for myriad reasons we intend to continue our family practice of using the television exclusively for feature films, for the Philadelphia Phillies, and for the occasional miraculous World Series. 🙂 It’s not my job to criticize discerning Christian adults who watch more TV than we do, but on the whole our lives are too short, and too full, for TV to fit.

I commented with something like this (mine was deleted, so this is what I remember)

But Andy you do criticize Christians on page 89 of your book:

“If anything, when I am among Evangelical Christians I find that they seem to be more avidly consuming the latest offerings of commercial cultrue, whether Pirates of the Caribbean or the Simpsons or The Sopranos, than many of my non-Christian neighbors.”

Andy’s response, also deleted:

judy, your comments here are based on what seem almost willfully trolls1shallow misreadings of my writing. “Many evangelical Christians” are not “discerning Christian adults,” and it is one thing to watch (as many of my friends do) a few carefully selected shows and quite another to be chasing after the latest offerings of commercial culture uncritically. It’s that simple. And now I will stop feeding the troll.

My final commentt also deleted at Kingdom People:

Andy, this is an elitist posture. It IS that simple.

Conclusion: If you agree with Andy Crouch, and perhaps even Trevin Wax at Kingdom People, you are a “discerning Christian” if you don’t agree one is considered a shallow troll.




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