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Cultural Artifacts: “Culture Making” by Andy Crouch

artifactsNot sure how I would categorize this book, Culture Making, Recovering Our Creative Calling. It is definitely not theological because it abandons sound hermeneutic principles.

Perhaps it could be considered a philosophical analysis of culture using archaeological & anthropological methods of studying cultural artifacts.

Andy borrows this definition of culture:

This phrase, which I have adapted from the Christian cultural critic, Ken Myers, distills what culture is and why it matters: Culture is what we make of the world . Culture is, first of all, the name for our relentless, restless human effort to take the world as it’s given to us and make something else. pg. 23[empahsis mine]

Andy defines artifacts/cultural goods as:

“[those] specific products of cultivating and creating [which]  eventually, over time, become part of the framework of the world for future generations” pg. 28.

Later on page 101,

At this point I need to invite you to take what may seem to be a sharp turn, from culture in all its manifold and changing forms to one particular cultural good: the Bible. The Bible is itself a manifold collection of cultural artifacts . . . and like all the most influential cultural goods it has in turn spurred endless human creativity.

Let’s recap Andy’s definitions:

Culture is what we [man] make of the world.

The Bible is a cultural good or artifact.

Andy, if you are reading this, are you implying that the Bible is a product of man?

 All Scripture is inspired by God [God-breathed] 2Timothy 3:16

In a recent interview with Trevin Wax at Kingdom People; Trevin asks: “What are some cultural aspects of our world today that you believe we should work to conserve for future generations?

This is Andy’s list:

Music Making
Silence and Darkness
Inprov Comedy
India Pale Ale
Garlic Butter Naan
Baseball with no Designated Hitter

Do you see anything missing from Andy’s list? 

Additional Review,  Scrambling God’s Word: “Culture Making” by Andy Crouch


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