Posted by: judy | January 9, 2009

Fall Fashion in the Garden of Eden?


They sewed fig leaves together—the first human act after the consumption of the fruit is cultural, the creation of that basic cultural good called clothing. They make something of the world. They are no longer freely and spontaneously naming God’s good creation; they are no longer cultivating the good Garden; now they are protecting themselves from the sudden alienation they feel from one another and their own bodies. But what they are doing is culture—creating and cultivating—all the same.” (Culture Making, pg. 114)

In the paragraph just before this one Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making, says, “But what happens next, for the purpose of our study, is most significant. Once their posture is deformed, once they have broken their relationship of trust with God, they also loose trust with one another.” pg. 114 [emphasis mine]

In order to make his point, to support a shaky thesis, Crouch deceptively suggests that the reader willingly suspend solid doctrinal interpretation of Genesis 3:7 and minimize sin by replacing sin, separation from God, with a concept of a “broken relationship of trust with God”.

By minimizing the sin of disobeying God and replacing it with an idea of “disobedience of consumption”, Crouch drastically diminishes God and maximizes man.

To top it off, Crouch focuses on the fig leaves Adam and Eve use to hide there nakedness as an example of the first created cultural good, clothing.

Once again suspending sound doctrine ~~ Adam and Eve with their newly acquired knowledge of good and evil, their realization that they were separated from God; were bombarded with guilt and shame of their sin . . .

 . . . and all Andy Crouch wants to talk about is making clothes & creating culture?



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