Posted by: Yvonne | January 3, 2009

Eschatology of the Early Church Fathers

bible-studying-pen-papgerHaving been raised in a mainline denomination, eschatology was rarely taught or discussed.  It wasn’t until, as an adult, I had a Sunday school teacher who taught Scripture from Genesis to Revelation that I started to develop my understanding of eschatology.

Piggybacking on Judy’s posts on Dominionism and Neutralizing the Church, I would like to share a number of articles that point to some early church fathers who supported a premillennial/chiliastic view of endtimes.  Most Dominionists would not believe in a premillennial view of Scripture. 

So…to help you to refine your own beliefs, consider spending some time reviewing these articles:

First, from The Biblicist, is an article called, ‘History and Premillennialism.’

Another one, from Pastor Bob DeWaay, is titled ‘Pre-Millennialism and the Early Church Fathers.’

And lastly, from theologian Dr. John Wolvoord, a series of articles on different methods of biblical interpretation and how those methods effect how one views end times.  ‘Part 1: Basic Considerations in Interpreting Prophecy’

As we are diligent in “rightly dividing the word of truth,”  (2 Tim.2:15) it is my hope that these article will benefit your study.




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