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Neutralizing the Church

questionsDo you know what you believe?

Knowing what you believe is crucial because the Emerging church is quickly de-constructing Biblical Doctrine and Orthodox Christianity. If we don’t first understand what we believe {clearly enough to explain to someone else} then we might loose our footing as the foundation erodes and we topple into deception.

Here are just a few key questions to ask yourself.

1. What do you believe about end-times? Are you an Amillennialist? Postmillennialist? Premillennialist? Here is a chart to explain the differences.

2. What role does Israel play in prophecy? Do you believe that ‘the church’ replaces Israel where mentioned in the New Testament? Do you believe that there is a specific Biblical, saving plan for ethnic Israel?

3. How do you interpret Luke 17: 20-21, ” For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.” Was Christ inferring that a physical kingdom of this age was established OR was Christ referring to a spiritual kingdom of this age established in the hearts of mankind?

Our answers will either contribute to neutralizing the church or hinder the sweeping deception of the church {and loved ones}.

Below are excerpts from the complete article, The Neutralization of the Church In Preparation for the Coming of the Antichrist by Gregory R. Reid.

The modern church mix is made up of many people of the first order, who are drawn to the ideas and trappings of church but who are not the surrendered property of Jesus, and those of the second, those who HAVE surrendered to Jesus at some point, but who have grown weary in well-doing and have laid down their mantles as watchmen and simply allowed all the new changes in “church” to come in without examining it, and without contesting the wrong in it, and without taking a stand against the increasing infiltration of occult new age lies, because they are…worn out. And the third group is a small group who know what is coming and who are being marginalized because they raise the warning cry.

resistthenewworldorderIn order for the one world order/ one world religion to succeed and make the way for the Antichrist to come to power, the first group has to be recognized as the “church”, the second group of real believers need to be neutralized, put to sleep or worn out to be too weak to fight, and the third must be marginalized, criticized, mocked and dismissed so they will no longer be part of the emerging “Church” but will be considered outcasts, extremists and freaks.” [emphasis mine]


FYI: If you are reading this blog you will most likely be a member of the third group with us. 🙂

This is how it will be accomplished {summarized from the above mentioned article}:

1. They will change the vocabulary of the church.

 2. They will gut the power of the Word of God.

3. They must bring the church into paganization through syncretism.

4. Lying Signs and Wonders Are Coming

The final step: Eliminate the Apocalyptic.

NONE of the new age agenda or one world – one religion can succeed unless the biggest obstacle is removed from the evangelical church as it stands: The preaching of the return of Jesus Christ in the clouds, the coming tribulation and the end of all things.

 Here we see the crux of this new thinking: “Kingdom Now.” “The Kingdom is WITHIN and AMONG you!” “Thy Will be done on earth…NOW.”

Many scriptures are being twisted and de-contextualized to condition the church, not to expect Jesus’ return (at least not from heaven and in the clouds), not to prepare their lamps with oil, but to TAKE OVER. It’s called “dominion theology.”

Watch for the “emerging church” to rapidly redefine and explain away and change the meaning of all the scriptures that deal with prophecy and the last days. [emphasis mine]

“be ready in season and out of season”
2Timothy 4:2




  1. Bravo and Amen! Well written article. Blessings in the name of Jesus-Yeshua.


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