Posted by: judy | December 28, 2008

Introducing . . . Dominion Theology

At the heart of this blog’s discerning ministry is to expose a prevalent, yet difficult to identify theology . . .

Dominionism a.k.a. Kingdom Now a.k.a Reconstructionism, Restoration Movement

Sadly, this man-centered theology is widely preached and practiced in evangelical circles both within the visible church and parachurch ministries. It is based on the false doctrine that man can ‘restore’ the Garden of Eden and establish God’s Kingdom on earth —  right here, right now.

It is not easy to unpack and slippery to examine. It will be an on-going exposure.

DefCon wrote an excellent post identifying Dominion Theology,

This deceptive movement represents a man-centered ecumenical madness that is leading the lukewarm Laodician false professing church into the dark spiritual night of rank apostasy. It is a “Non-gospel of Nothingness“. It is a wholesale departure from and corruption of the faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints as revealed in the Holy Bible.

This wildly successful, false, and destructive heresy is variously known as Kingdom Now, Dominion Theology, Reconstructionism, and the Restoration Movement. It’s also known as “liberation theology”. In essence it teaches that the earth is under the curse of sin and it is the church’s responsibility to liberate the earth by ushering in God’s kingdom in order to “restore” things to the way they used to be in the Garden of Eden prior to the fall of man. And not unlike a choking weed which blocks out the light of the sun and kills everything beneath its twisted canopy this spiritually deadly vine is proliferating within the spiritual hothouse of the lukewarm Laodician false professing church.

Read the entire article, Damnable Dominionism



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