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Watchdog Alert: Council on Foreign Relations

Have you ever heard of them? For the longest time I thought Council on Foreign Relations was just another US government committee — it isn’t — and I suspect that the confusion and misunderstanding is intended.

Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR) was founded on July 29, 1921 in New York City by Col. Edward MadellHouse, chief adviser to President Woodrow Wilson in league with the same stockholders of The Federal Reserve. Through its membership, meetings, and studies, it has been called the most powerful agent of United States foreign policy outside the State Department.

This will be an on-going educational opportunity as we continue to post about CFR, their think tanks, their affiliates, and their members.

Although CFR publicly states the Council takes no institutional positions on matters of policy; as we hope you will see, they clearly have an agenda.

Globalization a.k.a New World Order

STOP, please; before you click away thinking we have gone off the deep end {I agree that NWO is a little Orwellian} stay with us, check the links that we will provide, suspend your disbelief and follow the trail with us.

We will leave you with this quote from the President of CFR, Richard N. Haas (who has worked with every president since Jimmy Carter):

One of the reasons that great power conflict is so remote is that if you’re another great power, the United States is so strong—there’s such an imbalance of power, it’s not terribly tempting to take us on—but also because what the United States is promoting in the world or ought to be promoting in the world is not narrowly American. I don’t think trying to stop the spread of nuclear weapons or stop people in Darfur from dying or beat back protectionism or beat al Qaeda—I don’t think those are somehow good only for us and bad for China or India or Europe or Japan or Russia.
So the fact that we’re strong, the chances of war are remote. We’ve got this agenda which is not a selfish agenda. Therefore, we can, to use my favorite word, “integrate” the world. And by integrate the world, essentially I mean putting in the other major powers, integrate them, make the world a more unified place, lash it up to deal with these challenges; bring in the have-nots, integrate them.
— excerpt from 2005 speech: “The Opportunity: America’s Opportunity to Alter History’s Course” {emphasis mine}


Pause a moment and think about ‘integrate’. Webster’s definition: to bring parts together into a whole; unify — to remove imposing legal and social barriers. Consider, what removing imposing legal and social barriers looks like to unite the countries of China, Venezuela, Iran, and the United States.

One Government (State) + One Economy (Corporations) + One Religion (Church) =

Peter Drucker’s 3-legged stool theory for society. A merger of state and corporate with the on-going blessings of the church. Read how the United Nation’s (and its partners’) experiment is working in Rawanda.

Back to the frightening (It scares me!) New,   World,   Order. I remember clearly the first time I heard these 3 words uttered by the U.S. President — it was like a blow to my stomach and I also remember that no one seemed to notice.

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