Posted by: judy | December 24, 2008

Everybody loves Rick

crowdsAmerica’s heretic pastor, Rick Warren, is in all the headlines and major news outlets. A Director of Marketing’s dream — free publicity! Although, Rick may be walking on thin ice in both camps — He seems to be too liberal for the conservatives and too conservative for the liberals.

Yet, Everybody loves Rick.

“Can’t we all just get along?” No. Because there is an offense in preaching the cross of Christ inherit in faithful gospel proclamation.  Rick wants to be liked and accepted by gays ad straights; Muslims and Buddhists; Jews and Hindus; Dems’ and Reps’, etc.  If “Pastor” Warren was being faithful as a man of God preaching an uncompromised gospel, then those various political and religious groups wouldn’t be applauding him, they’d want to stone him. — Steve Camp (Emphasis mine)

Read the rest of the article at CAMPONTHIS.

Update from Yvonne:

As I watched the MSNBC video on Camp’s post, I couldn’t help but wonder how loving it is for Rick Warren to have this incredible opportunity and NOT share the Truth of the Gospel with these lost souls.  (Since he received a standing ovation as he left the podium, I seriously doubt he did.)   While he continues to “[widen]  his own constituency and influence,” as Camp so astutely points out, he is blatantly dismissing the extreme persecution that is happening every day around the world in the name of Islam. 

Case in point:  The Egypt for Christ Ministry is reporting that Martha Samuel, an Egyptian Christian, has been arrested, raped and tortured by police in an effort to convert her back to Islam.  She, and her family, were stopped at the airport as they were attempting to fly to Russia in an effort to flee persecution.  In addition, the police are withholding food from her children as a means to force her to recant her faith in Christ. 

So…back to Ricky.  He seems to be basking in his latest publicity.  His new book will most likely bring in lots of money that I’m sure he will donate to worthy causes.  He will continue to promote his man-centered agenda for peace and unity in the world.  He will continue to be praised by some and criticized by others.  He will give a lovely invocation at the Obama’s inauguration.  However…

What he needs to do is preach the Gospel!   Isn’t that his job as a pastor?  How about some True Love, Brother?!

…just my thoughts. 




  1. And excellent thoughts they are!


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