Posted by: judy | December 23, 2008

Twilight Follow-up: Who Will Protect Our Children?

What is a society to do when even  its ‘Christian’ women and mothers’

are tantalized by vampire fables,

don’t value sexual purity for their teens, and worse

tolerate an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

children-cryingRead “Why Twilight is spiritually fatal, and what it shows about the state of Christian Youth” by Pastor Bill Randles at Lighthouse Trails Research.

It appears that the Christian Stay at Home Moms blog  has removed the review. Let’s hope they have reconsidered their position. However, researching this phenomenon surfaced a growing sub-culture of women who are loyal fans of vampire books and television shows. You can read this previous post, Desperate Housewives Keep Busy by . . . 




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