Posted by: Yvonne | December 21, 2008

The Shack Book Review

6a00d8341cbf9a53ef00e5527d09d28833-350wi2Pastor Jefffey Whittaker at Discernment Research Group has a two-part review of the popular novel called The Shack.   Many Christians are reading this book and some churches are even using it for Bible study. 

Pastor Whittaker begins by saying,

“It is my desire to undertake this brief essay in order to discuss some of the pertinent elements found within the best-selling book that is the center of so many discussions amongst sincere Christians, as well as prominent pop-culture figures. William Paul Young’s therapeutic fable may be well-intentioned, but I intend to demonstrate that its end-result is not the constructing of either SHACKS or mansions, but rather the deconstructing (in typical post-modern/Emergent fashion) of the concept of the church, the authority of the Word of God, and just about anything else the reader thought they knew about God as revealed in Holy Scripture; something Young’s “god” constantly refers to as “religious conditioning.”

Read the rest of part one here and part two here.




  1. Thanks for this post. We really need to get every dicernment ministry exposing this heretical book. There are many more links to good reviews on my post at

    It’s a shame so many Christian leaders refuse to address this book, and it’s even worse that so-called Christian book stores sell it.


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