Posted by: judy | December 19, 2008

At the Morning Watch . . . December 18

“At the morning watch . . .” 
Exodus 14:24

(the last of three 4-hour night watches, 2:00-6:00 a.m., ended about sunrise)

Discernment ministry is never dull! Here are a few posts to ponder today.

Andy Crouch pops up at Hearts and Minds Bookstore endorsing a science book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, for children — a project of the Emergent Village and Tony Jones is the editor. Read about Tony Jones here. Tony Jones, this month, announced:

In any case, I now believe that GLBTQ can live lives in accord with biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can!) and that their monogamy can and should be sanctioned and blessed by church and state.

Andy Crouch endorses this book and is a friend of Tony Jones — I hope he told Tony that his theology is unbiblical.

New blog discovery —  Emerging Women.  According to their website they apparently need a ‘safe’ community to complain, deconstruct, network, dream, and encourage. Christian Research Network has this to say about Emerging Women.

Follow up on an earlier post, by Yvonne, about global warming/climate change. CNN meteorologist calls “Global Warming Arrogant.” Never really considered before how this quasi-theory is just another example of man’s pride.



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