Posted by: Yvonne | December 18, 2008

Christians working with pagans?


I have been reading Paul Proctor’s writings for a number of years.  He has keen discernment concerning the ‘latest and greatest’ in the American Church. 

In a recent article called ‘Christians Partner with Pagans for a Better World,’  Mr. Proctor points us to the ecumenical work of Rick Warren and Richard Land.   Both of these Southern Baptist leaders are involved in activities to “try and bring the world’s religions a little closer together.”

He rightly points out that “[t]he Lord didn’t commission His followers to manage this world’s madness with ecumenical efforts that ignore His Word, but rather call the lost out of the insanity to faith in Jesus Christ while tending to their more immediate physical needs. ”  (emphasis mine)

Continuing with the rebuke, Mr. Proctor reminds us that “[b]y working with pagans instead of challenging their damning doctrines before watchful eyes, as preachers of the Gospel are called to do, the lost are simply fed, clothed, comforted and cared for on the road to Hell. ”     (emphasis mine)

Read the entire article here.




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